Brothers in Arms


Being great grand nephews of Subhash Chandra Bose was the lesser of the two things that impressed me about Abhimanyu and Avishek Bose – founders of Bosetechnics, a web company that made it to the Top 30 student startups at NEN First Dot. What was more interesting to see was the sibling equation that the two shared. Born four years apart, the two brothers have completely different characteristics – and qualifications - but they make their differences work for them. With their parents shifting home often during their childhood years, the two brothers found friendship in one another – and this close bonding helped them while building their startup. A self-taught technical expert, Avishek, the elder of the two, is the man with ideas and passion. Abhimanyu is more comfortable playing manager, and sharing his management fundas with his brother.

Sons of a railway contractor, Abhimanyu and Avishek chose not to take up their family business and instead pursued web designing. Bosetechnics is a web solutions company that develops IT products and services. The start-up has developed products like an online shopping cart, online portfolios, booking sites and flash animations among others. They also personalize, monitor and provide consulting for the above services. Bosetechnics, currently, has 16 customers which include a major client, Cybermart.

Disagreements, yes – but sibling rivalry does not feature in their personal or professional relationship. “We have disagreements, but we resolve it through discussions,” says Avishek. 

The two brothers are ambitious about Bosetechnics’ future. "Currently, we are working on Artificial Intelligence-enabled Information Systems that provide real-time information on local restaurants and entertainment to users through the internet and mobile phones," says Avishek.

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