Change your life this summer!

Eyeing the next smart phone to buy but have no pocket money left? Looking at getting some hands-on Android development to build a better profile for your final year placements? Summer Internship is your answer! Lazing by the beach, having fun with friends and idling away during the summer are a things of the past. Summer internships are trending and students take initiatives, DO things and build better profiles.

Read on to know how you can change your life this summer with internships!

The expensive smart-phone could be yours!

Most internships give you a cool stipend and enough pocket money for your needs. Some internships that pay well take it one step forward and help you buy things from your ‘wish-list’.  Sountherya Karthik, who via interned with Metroplots, a Chennai based real estate network, says “learning to work in a MacBook is a wish for a normal Indian Student. Owning it is a far off dream. Thanks to my stipend, I own one now."

Make your passion your career Internship Competition at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

When what you really want to do in life is different from the degree you hold, internships come to your rescue. Internships help you shift your career to a field you are passionate about. Aditya, an Engineering graduate, decided to pursue a ‘creative’ internship. Through, Aditya applied to WebSide, a Digital Marketing agency in Chennai. "I love this work, I’m being myself and it feels great. Here I’m able to utilize my skills, and is the best platform to stage myself. I would recommend to those who want to excel in their passionate field / job” - says Aditya.

Work on Cutting edge technologies

If you are a tech-geek and love to work on cutting edge technologies, internships give you a chance to experiment. You can work on trending platforms, learn from industry experts and gain domain knowledge with an internship in your area of interest. “An iPad app which featured Real Estate and Banking News was developed as part of my project where I started from the basic architecture of the application. I gained a lot of insights on the banking sector and the loan processing methodologies” says Sountherya Karthik on her wonderful internship through at Metroplots.

Take a sneak peak & get hired!

Internships act like great testers. In six weeks, you get a preview of what working in such an atmosphere is all about. Just do a few more internships in places that seemed to be of interest to you, and at the end of it you'll have an immense clarity on where you want to be. Internships also function as a disguised interview. What better way for the companies to get to know you than by assessing you during your two-month stint with them? If they are happy with your work, they would definitely prefer you over an unknown applicant.

Stand out from the crowd

An internship exposes you to things you did not know existed otherwise. You will always have a story to tell others and you will stand out from the others for taking the initiative to DO interesting things. Employers simply like it when you have hands-on experience or if you're the kind who takes initiatives. If you have about three good internship/initiatives on your profile, they will do all the speaking for you. Aditya Vatsan, whose life took a turn after internships via says - "I recently received 2 International Awards namely Technical Icon Of The Year – 2011, A.V.M.V Award (Young Talented Award) by Institution of Engineering and Technology – United Kingdom and Young Professional Network – Chennai. It’s because of; the Internships I took, the projects and Campus ambassador program that made me receive 2 international awards.”

Learn, Implement, Be proud!

Internships are all about learning. They give you a free learning platform – in which you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. The experience you gain from such internships where you DO things, will give you life-long lessons in people management, technical skills, handling situations better, the importance of networking etc. You also get a chance to experiment with different career paths and understand where your heart really lies. Experience is definitely something that talks in the world outside!

Abhishek Rathi, who interned with Start-up Chile via proudly says -“I was a point of contact for Start-Up Chile with Entrepreneurship fostering Organisations in India. I helped start-ups in their business plans, competitors analysis, industry specific research like Mobile industry in India & Latin America etc. The networking that I look forward to carry with the Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Chile management, CORFO and everyone I have met during my Internship is the most important thing about the internship.”

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