On a cleaning spree


Started as part of a college project in October 2009, Tiszta Cleaning Solutions is today, a venture that provides cleaning services to over 500 customers in and around Mysore.  

Founded by student entrepreneurs, Srihari BT and Chirag Anand, the start-up provides quality cleaning solutions for overhead and underground tanks, flooring, kitchen tiles and solar de-scaling. Their most sought-after offering, however, is their mobile car wash service – where the Tiszta team comes to your doorstep to give your car a top quality wash. 

By mechanizing all their services, the start-up has ensured consistency along with providing more effective, cheaper and faster cleaning. 

 “We noticed that people, especially in metros, increasingly require such services and are willing to outsource these jobs, which creates enormous potential for our idea,” says Srihari. 

Investing plenty of research to find economical machines to working out pricing, the duo has also employed innovative marketing strategies like using flyers for cars in parking lots to referral marketing plans, which give the referrer a discount on their services. 

Employing 4 people full time and 3 on a project basis, Tiszta Cleaning Solutions, today, has over 500 retail customers and over 20 corporate customers in Mysore, Mandya and Nanjungud. Although Srihari and Chirag plan to expand to Bangalore in the next 8-10 months, at the moment, however, they’re focusing on consolidating and building their current market by including services like plumbing in addition to their cleaning solutions.

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