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Common public common approach,grt idea

Common public common approach,grt idea
Angel Investing
kapilKUMAR 5 | Apr 08,2010

i have a plan, in which i want to combine internet , mobile and more important common person (local business community) , also i believe that we bring all three thing to small cities like of lucknow, jaipur ,etc means tierII or tier III cities. small cities people have their small needs which can be fullfil by small moderinification of computer technology, for this not too much money is needed, just small amount of money but quick result oriented approach is need to capture the whole 50 to 60000 business community.
Now i need a investor, not for just giving me money as money is not a big problem, i need a investor who has same attitude to capture the small cities local public which has great potential as it is proved by the mobile industry.

now how to approach them ?

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