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Sword Wind Legend of War

Sword Wind Legend of War
CarlEdgar | Apr 08,2010

The true warhammer starts in Europe to apply, was the 13th century's matter. Common war hammer actually on a big hammer; But Germany-like has little different, its sharp sickle shape hammer head was the strongest heavy weapon. The length different, has from half meter until two meters; Point's that can pass through the helmet and armor, but flat head may the, has looked at the human should not be able to be strange. Warhammer Power Leveling is the very strong weapon, but the shortcoming is really heavy may, can use the human are few. But fights hammer's another form - - hammer stick completely to be opposite, is quite graceful, makes one fall simply. all models are painted to play the family to collect voluntarily War Power Leveling, will play the family to manufacture own painting and the symbol generally, has existed with the use book. Plays the family also to be possible to use other tools to revise own model, or the use extant material makes the simple change. These revisions will display generally in athletics project and use to complete Warhammer Online Power Leveling. The terrain is also in the game an important part, although Games Workshop provides the official terrain template, but plays the family to like it making the terrain. Generally home use may Le Guan, the coffee cup or the foam plastics may spend time and the technology makes the building and the ruins.

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