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We've covered taxis for women in the past, and have noticed that the concept is spreading. The latest incarnation we spotted is Turkey's Pudracar.

Instead of offering women lower rental rates, which many mainstream rental companies do, Pudracar provides an upgraded service that's undeniably feminine. A fleet of pink BMW 3 Series cars has been fitted with custom interiors in camel-coloured tweed, dark grey and soft pink, accentuated with twinkly bits of crystal.

Besides sex-neutral goodies like DVD players, LCD screens an iPod and wireless internet access, Pudracar also added specially selected snacks, cosmetics and make-up tools. The Istanbul-based service comes with a female driver, in livery to match the car's interior. No word yet on pricing, but rates are likely to be as premium as the offering.

The concept, which was developed for Europcar by marketing agency Agras, is clearly going after a subset of luxury-minded women who enjoy indulging their inner Barbie. While other women might object to gender-specific car services, entrepreneurs across the globe, from London and Istanbul to Tilburg and Moscow, seem to have found their niche. For more on creating and adapting products and services for women, check out's recent Female Fever briefing.



Spotted by: Gökhan Tahtac?
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