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In the past, we've covered concepts created by Dutch Postbank that focused on helping children find their inner entrepreneur. A new initiative, Speel Goed met Geld (roughly: Play well with money), enables 'kidpreneurs' to earn money not for themselves, but for children in war-torn areas including Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Money earned through Speel Goed met Geld will be donated to War Child, a non-profit organization that provides psychosocial aid to children who've been traumatized by war.

Launched today, Speel Goed met Geld is essentially an online marketplace for toys. Children who'd like to sell a toy can upload a digital picture and add a description to their classified ad. Buyers pay the price set by the seller, the money is collected by Postbank on behalf of War Child, and the bank adds EUR 2.50 to each donation. If a toy robot is sold for EUR 10, War Child receives a donation of EUR 12.50. Once the toy has been sold, the seller receives a confirmation from Postbank and can contact the buyer to arrange shipping. (Postbank suggests that buyers pay for postage.)

While Postbank's previous efforts focused on helping children earn, save and spend money, Speel Goed met Geld demonstrates how money can be used to help others, and not just by donating cash or goods directly to a cause. More engaging than traditional toy drives, Speel Goed provides a thoughtful example for other social entrepreneurs and marketers looking to activate consumers (and their brand).


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