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Any florist or gardening company can place potted plants in an office, then dutifully drop by to water them when needed. But it takes skilled artisans to create the indoor walls of greenery that are Indoorlandscaping's speciality. The German firm's Grüne Wand (green wall) adds a welcome green element to sterile office environments and improves air quality while taking up less floor space than potted vegetation does.

Indoorlandscaping isn't the only company creating green walls for public spaces. Green Fortune, launched by two Swedish entrepreneurs, has already amassed an impressive list of international clients, placing their Plantwalls in offices, stores, restaurants and even car dealerships. Likewise, French artist Patrick Blank's meticulously sculpted Vertical Gardens have transformed ordinary walls in Paris and elsewhere into works of foliage art.

From LEED certification to green roofs, commercial buildings are being swept up in a big eco-wave. Which isn't just good and necessary, but also creates a host of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs-whether creating their own eco-friendly concepts, or partnering with up-and-coming players like Green Fortune and Indoorlandscaping. And how about making green indoor walls feasible and affordable for private homes?



Spotted by: Susanna Haynie
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