Dear NEN Online members,

The second annual Entrepreneurship Week India is about to launch!

Entrepreneurship Week India is a nationwide celebration of the opportunities in India today, as well as a call to improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurial success.

We are delighted to invite you to participate in E Week-- online and wherever possible, in offline events as well. For the next week, you will receive regular E Week updates from us.

To support E Week wherever you are, you can take the online pledgepost your story and photos and get information on events at the official

Please read on below to find out all the exciting E Week happenings.

Double last year

This year, E Week looks to be double the participation of last year – with about 2,00,000 students, entrepreneurs, investors, faculty members, Directors and Principals engaged in an incredible range of activities. Over 2,000 events and activities across over 30 cities will showcase the energy and creativity of India’s young and future entrepreneurs.

E Week – fabulous Co-Hosts and Sponsors

We’re delighted as well that the leading organizations supporting entrepreneurship, as well as over 270 top institutes in India, are co-hosting E Week. Truly E Week is developing into a national platform for entrepreneurship. Co-hosting associations are TiE, DARE, Indian Angel Network, IVCA, and

We also very much appreciate the continued strong support of E Week sponsors: HSBC, Symphony and Himalaya Healthcare.

This year, a special theme: Industry & Academia

This year, E Week has a particular focus on bringing together Industry and Academia. Breaking the barriers between the sectors releases tremendous value – facilitating the transition of discoveries from lab to society, improving employability, and increasing creativity within organizations.

The E Week India 08 Pledge and many of the campus activities, share a special focus on bringing together the two sectors.

Renewing our Commitment – the E Week Pledge

We look forward to renewing our Pledge to build a fantastic ecosystem for entrepreneurs here in India. This year the Pledge emphasizes connecting Industry and Academia; it also allows us each to renew our vows to ourselves to dream bigger and realize those dreams, and help others do the same.

Many of us will have the opportunity to Pledge in person. For those of you who don’t have that chance, please do take the Pledge online.

Sharing the stories:

We also ask that you share your stories and photos as well.

Everytime you post a story, you can upload 6 images. In addition, if you have 1 favorite image, please send it to us at and we'll try to use it in a Slideshow.

NEN is sending our own reporter and photographer, Shubha and Sujith, to seven cities and as many institutes as possible to capture and share stories. We also ask that you share your stories and photos as well.

Shubha’s blog, Sujith’s photos and your stories and photos can be seen (and uploaded) very easily on the E Week site.

Jumping the Gun!

Not content to wait for February 2nd, IFM in Bangalore officially opened E Week at 9:30 a.m. on January 30 – they squeaked in just ahead of JJ College in Trichy, who launched E Week at 10:30 a.m.

Tomorrow, Kolkata institutes leap into the action, with St. Xaviers and Heritage holding formal inaugurations. And I’m sure that there are many more around the country kicking-off E Week in style.

Please write and tell us all about what’s happening within your institute or organization! You can post your story and photos on our E Week site.

As we stand poised to launch E Week, we are inspired and excited by the energy, creativity and dedication of the students, faculty members, Directors, Principals, entrepreneurs and investors who are part of making E Week a success.

Building an entrepreneurial India – Together, We Can. We Will.

Warm regards and best wishes for a fabulous E Week!
Laura Parkin
Executive Director
Wadhwani Foundation & NEN