Dear E Week Celebrant,

E Week is approaching its Grand Finale, and in many cities, E Week is drawing to an end this evening. But the energy of E Week cannot be stuffed back into a bottle to wait for next year which is why we say: its not ending. Its just beginning!

Major Announcement: introducing Runner Up Championships Category

Its been too good, too much and too many.

With such overwhelming activity on and off campuses, and the extraordinary impact that so many institutes are achieving around the country, we felt compelled to introduce an additional category of winners: Runner Up Champions.

Therefore, this year, NEN institutes are vying for the following winning spots:

6 NEN E Week Champions

6 NEN E Week Champion Runners Up

26 NEN Honor Roll Awards

E Week Champions and E Week Champion Runners Up will receive their trophies at Fusion, NENs official E Week Closing Ceremony, on the evening of February 9, in Bangalore. For more information about the Championships, please check.

Quick highlight: Beyond street rallies, Blore students help build the roads

Having conquered their campuses, students have overrun other institutes, invaded corporate offices, and taken to the streets. But perhaps the act that hits closest to my Bangalore home, and farthest from campus, was described by Sameerkanth, NEN Consultant in Bangalore:

I think we have gone as far from campus as we can go. The students of the MSRIT E-Cell are actually working with the Bangalore Muncipal Corporation to themcomplete an underpass project, which has been bogged down by delays caused by things like lack of qualified engineers, manpower. And the students are not there for PR; they are actually supervising some critical works.

For me this is real learning, way beyond any classroom or internship. Its realizing that its not about criticizing govt bodies for not having done the work, but rather acting: helping out them in completing the work, continues Sameerkanth.

Pledges to date:

As of yesterday, E Week Pledges totalled 37,428 with more rolling in all the time.

Sharing the news

Check out the latest E Week Yatra stories. Find your institute in the stories; Shubha and Sujith have shared news and photos from Kolkata,  Indore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, and now finally, they have made it back to Bangalore - intact. Shubha will be capturing final glimpses over the next few days.

Many of your blogs are fabulous; please keep them coming. Were loving the stories.

Congratulations again to all the institutes who have spread the E Week word through radio, TV and all the other tie ups. So many people have now heard of E Week, I think that weve managed to ink it in the National Calendar.

Now were building up to the Grand Finale tomorrow night. We wish everyone could be there for the official Closing Ceremony and Championship Ceremony; we wish everyone a wonderful wrap up to E Week.

Remember: we will announce the E Week Champions, Runners Up and Honor Roll on Saturday night!

Together, We Can. We Will.

Warm regards,

Laura Parkin
Executive Director
Wadhwani Foundation & NEN