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Wednesday Sep 29 2010
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In the Lead > The artist and the entrepreneur
The artist and the entrepreneur
Art and Entrepreneurship appear to be as diverse as any two conflicting fields can be. The artist is widely perceived to be a maverick. An enigma who makes a living out of his wits. Writers and Artists have been held in suspicion across cultures over centuries. We know for instance that in William Shakespeare's time, the theatre artist as well as the playwright needed the patronage of a nobleman to escape imprisonment. Van Gough during his lifetime was identified more with his eccentricity rather than his artistic genius and could barely manage to sell any of his paintings. History is littered with examples of artists and writers who faced persecution by the state for not conforming.

The entrepreneur on the other hand is hailed for his vision and goal of creating employment for others. The state often extends patronage to fledgling entrepreneurs in the form of loans and subsidies. The entrepreneur garners respect as well as resources to achieve his objectives. If a spectrum has to be painted, there is no doubt that these two groups would find themselves at the opposing ends. The paradox lies in the fact that in most cases, the same competencies drive the artist as well as the entrepreneur.

Vijay Nair tells us that the strong ego drive in successful writers, artists and entrepreneurs, allows them to take risks.

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