NEN 360 - Aug 2009

Startup Track
Hot Prospects: Startup Opportunities in Retail
The broad outlook for organized retail in India is bright, looking at 20-25% annual growth despite the recession. While large players abound, there are many opportunities for startups. An expert shares his views.
Ask the Expert: How Do I Get Started?
5 questions you MUST answer before starting your company. Bharati Jacob from Seedfund, leading early stage venture capitalist, shares her thoughts.
MeritTrac’s Startup Journey: The Inside Story
In 2000, MeritTrac, today India’s largest skills-assessment company, was trying to raise its first funds. They met with over 60 investors; all said no. What did MeritTrac do?

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Competitions and Events

4 events that you cannot afford to miss!

Facebook India Developer Contest picks up speed and invites you to join. Deadline Sept 11!

NEN Community Updates
NEN E Cell of the Month
NEN E Cell members of MCC
Initium, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
Three-year-old Initium, started with 25 members, now counts 800 enthusiastic members, 2 NEN E Week Championships, and 1 NEN E Week Champion Runner Up Award.
NEN E Leader of the Month
Raman Shrivastava, VIT

Vellore Institute of Technology’s NEN E Cell membership had stagnated at 80, and its members ran no events. Then in 2008, they elected Raman Shrivastava as Co-President. Now membership tops 500.

NEN E Cell Confessions
62 Mistakes Cost Them E Week Championship
They didn’t win… last year. But BC Roy Engineering College’s NEN E Cell in Durgapur may be one to watch. They began their overhaul by listing 62 mistakes.
NEN E Leader Highlights
Delicious Opportunity
Komal Kalra, an NEN E-Leader at Bangalore’s Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, and full-time student, rings in Rs 15000 monthly.
Facing Fears
Navin Kumar, U Karthikeyan, Tarun Atmakuri and Srinivas M unexpectedly had to face one of their deepest fears to help Chennai’s Women Christian College revive its fading E Cell. It worked.

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