NEN 360 - October 2010

Startup Track
Ulaginoli Energy Solutions – Boniface Pascal
Boniface Pascal, former NEN E Leader from Chennai’s Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), decided to explore the energy sector because he was determined to work on something eco-friendly. Find out what he started>>
Rethunking Waste
Think products made out of waste, and you are most likely to knit brows over their aesthetics and viability. Not so, if you know Thunk in India.
Interview: Rohan Kini
Enjoy cycle rides? If yes, maybe you should make money out of it, suggests Rohan Kini, co-founder of BumsOnTheSaddle, an organization that promotes bicycling.

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Competitions and Events

Presenting our mix of upcoming events and competitions in your region. Mark your calendars >>


For 50-odd leaders of the NEN E Club Leadership Council, coffee dates, gossip sessions and movie outings have taken a back seat. What is taking up their time?>>

NEN Community Updates
NEN E Cell of the Month
NEN E Cell members of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai
A workshop that not only spikes E Cell membership every year, but also makes experts out of students. What is this workshop?>>
NEN E Leader of the Month
Yuvaraj Pandian – KCG College of Technology, Chennai

A confirmed geek, Yuvaraj is bringing his love for programming to his E Cell. Find out how he is making a difference>>

NEN E Cell Confessions
A Pioneer’s Mistakes
E Leaders Sheetal Nair and Sonali Gaddam share the bumps along the way while setting up Myriad, one of NEN community’s first campus companies launched at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Read more>>
NEN Campus Company
ThirstE for more
When it gets hot and humid in Coimbatore, the campus company run by Coimbatore’s PSG College of Technology E Cell earns money. How>>










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Loyola College

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PSG Coimbatore