Niyanta Gupta, DY Patil Institute of Technology, Pune

E Leader of the Month - Niyanta Gupta
D Y Patil Institute of Technology, Pune

By: Shubha Narayanan | Dec 2009

For two years, the NEN E Cell at DY Patil Institute of Technology stayed an unknown club on campus, with not more than 20 members and two events a year. This year, the E Cell membership rose to 200, and it held five events in 45 days!

Niyanta Gupta, Vice-President and Marketing Head of the E Cell, has much to do with it.

She spearheaded class-to-class publicity campaigns and contributed to the annual calendar, but she knew she needed something more effective to attract students to the E Cell. The institute didn't have a regular newsletter, and Niyanta was quick to spot the opportunity. Along with the help of her team, she launched Business Beacon, the E Cell's newsletter, to promote entrepreneurship on campus. The novelty factor brought in not only readers, but new members as well. 1,000 copies of the first issue were lapped up quickly. She is now planning 2,500 copies for the second issue and to even charge for it.

"The newsletter turned out to be an excellent device to publicize the E Cell and engage students in our E Cell activities," shares Niyanta.

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