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Teaching Faculty

NEN Faculty Development Courses are designed and taught by international and Indian faculty: skilled educators and leading authorities in their respective fields. They include Professors from top-ranked universities, including London Business School, Columbia University, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur and International Management Institute.

Additional Benefit: The NEN Faculty Network

NEN Faculty Development Courses are focused on results and provide immediate value to educators. But an additional important outcome is the powerful network that develops among participants, which transforms otherwise isolated faculty members into a vibrant community of educators, helping each other succeed and shape India’s future economic growth.

Key Advantages for Academic Institutes

  • Immediate Impact: Faculty come out able to implement action-oriented programs that are geared for immediate impact
  • Leading-edge Global Practices: Academic institutes stay on the forefront of entrepreneurship education with access to world-class teaching methodology and research without having to leaving India’s shores
  • Nation-wide Resources: Faculty become part of India’s largest network of entrepreneurship educators, exponentially increasing the resources available to their institutes
  • Strategic Development of Entrepreneurial Campus: Seamlessly integrated courses help institutes systematically develop a vibrant, high-impact entrepreneurship ecosystem

Fees and Financial Support

The NEN Faculty Development Course fees are heavily subsidized through generous support from multiple funders, including Wadhwani Foundation; the Government of India Department of Science and Technology; the Goldman Sachs Foundation; and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Without these organizations’ financial support, it would be impossible to bring such rich, intense courses to large number of faculty members in India.

India’s Entrepreneurial Revolution: Your Role

Across India today, leading companies recruit for talent, rather than knowledge; young people demand the opportunity to “make it big” within India’s new, vibrant economy; the Government of India increasingly emphasizes the need for an entrepreneurial generation, naming this the “Decade of Innovation.” The entrepreneurial revolution taking place among India’s educated middleclass has taken root, spurred and supported by leaders and academicians who combine vision with the willingness to invest.

The National Entrepreneurship Network’s (NEN) member academic institutes are at the forefront of this entrepreneurial change. Responding to the demands from their own populations, corporate India, and society at large, NEN’s member institutes are building programs and courses that create and support India’s next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders. In the process, these institutes are enhancing their leadership position within the academic community.

NEN Trust’s Institutional Capacity Building Programs

The NEN Trust supports the NEN member academic institutes, helping them build their capacity to design and run high-impact entrepreneurship programs on campus. The Trust’s Institutional Capacity Building programs include an on-ground consulting practice; teaching materials; a leadership program for NEN student E Cell leaders; a volunteer bank of more than 1200 entrepreneurs and investors to participate in campus programs; and, very critically, the NEN Faculty Development Courses.

Focus: NEN Trust’s Faculty Development Courses

Tailored especially for Indian faculty, these programs equip faculty members to build a results-oriented entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus – such as one might experience at top institutes including Stanford University, MIT, or Babson College in the United States; and leading institutes in India, including IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad.

After engaging in the NEN Faculty Development Courses, faculty members will be able to develop and run programs that build students’ awareness and excitement about entrepreneurship, and help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Students gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed either as entrepreneurial leaders within organizations, or to start their own ventures. At the most advanced level, NEN’s courses develop the participants’ ability to directly support entrepreneurs – through mentoring, incubation, or by running executive education courses.

Cutting-Edge Methods

NEN’s Faculty Development Courses introduce participants to cutting-edge teaching methods, with a focus on participant-centered learning, and experiential methods. For the first time, faculty participants in the advanced courses work with and alongside entrepreneurs.

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