Participant testimonials – Getting to Market

NEN-CBFW Mentor Development Program 2011 

Into its third year, the program’s two modules continue to create a buzz among promising mentors and budding entrepreneurs. A quick recap of the modules impact on developing the skills of faculty mentors.

Module 1: Getting to Market

Participant testimonials – Getting to Market

“As TBI manager, the inputs which I received through this program will help me to guide my potential incubates and go through the process more creatively"  Mr. V Thiagarajan, Project Manager – Incubation, St. Peters Engineering College, Chennai

“The course was really effective and added value to my present knowledge & experience in mentoring. I learnt a lot more about marketing and expect myself to implement the acquired knowledge in a professional way.” Prof. Joyeeta Mukherjee, Faculty Mentor, BCET for Women, Durgapur 

“It was a great experience; I got to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. I made new contacts through networking, it gave me a lot of awareness on marketing and tools required to generate a marketing plan.” Prof. M J Yogesh, Faculty Mentor, National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

"The three-day course was a very enriching experience. It gave me insights on how to shift my focus from product to market and accordingly make changes in the offerings. I got a commercial angle to what I was doing." Ms. Savita Rajiv, Entrepreneur, Springs Innovations, Mumbai


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