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May 02, 2013 |

April, 27th 2013

Tools for Growth a first-of-its-kind national programme to help entrepreneurs build organizational capabilities and scale their business

Bhubaneswar: You may have a great idea to set up a business but what does it really take to turn your business into a successful one? The challenge lies in accessing and exploring the growth opportunities and taking the business to the next level.  There are certain points in a venture’s development where entrepreneurs need the most help: certainly at start-up, but very often, entrepreneurs run into major challenges when they try to grow.

The need of the hour is to provide entrepreneurs with roadmap and action plans to address these challenges and help them develop a concrete business model. In line with this thought National Entrepreneurship Network, a Wadhwani Foundation initiative in collaboration with Invest Bhubaneswar , organized a two-day workshop in Bhubaneswar, as part of its national programme, titled Tools for Growth. This workshop was organized at KIIT – Technology Business Incubator on 27th & 28th April, 2013

The Tools for Growth programme has been developed with an aim to help entrepreneur participants develop action plans and address growth challenges. This workshop is adapted from the ‘Tools for Growing your Business’ course that was originally developed in partnership with London Business School, under the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program.

Mr Ayashkant Mohanty , MD Tatwa Technologies, one of the eminent core team members of Invest Bhubaneswar speaking in the occasion said “In the flat world of today, the truly strategic development of the state requires synergy between the decision makers inside the Government and the businesses around them. Invest Bhubaneswar platform provides just that.” 

Mr Rajesh Roy Choudhury, MD Arkhitechno Consultants Pvt Ltd another eminent team member of IB said, “The problem areas in Odisha are huge and entrepreneurs have to identify these problems and find opportunities in them.” He added that the renewable energy sector offers huge opportunities for Odisha entrepreneurs and now is the time to leverage on these opportunities so that we can make Odisha more entrepreneurial. 

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Sunita Singh, Co-founder & Sr. Director, National Entrepreneurship Network, said, “India’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem offers significant opportunities to its large youth population. While it is important for our young people to start their own ventures, it is equally important for them to have a vision and a roadmap to grow their businesses. With the Tools for Growth program which has been tailor-made for entrepreneurs, NEN aims at empowering founders of ventures with organizational capabilities and tools to scale their businesses.”

In fact entrepreneurs should be able to work on business frameworks to develop organizational capabilities and take their business to the next level. This include setting the vision for your organisation while understanding the challenges of growth, developing and refining your business model, understanding the key numbers for your business, developing organizational capabilities,  and most importantly developing a mind-set for growth. 

About Invest Bhubaneswar

Invest Bhubaneswar plays a catalytic role in linking multiple stakeholders across the globe and projecting Bhubaneswar as a stable and dependable partner. It has a pool of immensely talented professionals and visionary entrepreneurs helping generate all round inclusive growth in the state.

Invest Bhubaneswar leverages the team’ synergies to take Bhubaneswar economic relations to new levels, across the entire spectrum of economic & social cooperation from agriculture to manufacturing; from services to knowledge based industries; from nanotechnology to FDI; from infrastructure to the setting up of SEZs; from promoting Tourism to preserving Heritage.

Invest Bhubaneswar helps Odisha in reaching out to global partners around the world to collaborate in the opportunities available in the sectors of information Technology, Tourism, Infrastructure, Higher Education, Energy and Clean Tech, and Mines & Minerals.




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