Maçon, the entrepreneurship cell of ISB Hyderabad, E-magazine renamed "L'Entrepreneur"


Maçon, the entrepreneurship cell of ISB Hyderabad publishes a monthly E-magazine called Maçonza which is now renamed as L'Entrepreneur.


Running parallel to the objectives of the cell, the magazine not only highlights entrepreneurial talent within the college while also focusing on newer avenues through its articles. It also helps in keeping the spirits of innovation and entrepreneurship alive amongst students.


Maçon was formed in 2008 when a IBS Hyderabad student and an aspiring entrepreneur felt the need for guidance and support in order to achieve his entrepreneurial dreams. Today, Maçon is an amalgamation of individuals with a vision and a dream which indubitably can come true. It is a platform for all those who want to create their own paths and leave behind the trails of success. The Cell aims at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and tremendous energy among individuals to a level where they can bring about a positive change in the society; a change we all aspire for.


In association with National Entrepreneurs Network (NEN), Maçon is looking out for a nation where entrepreneurs can be build and they create their own path and leave behind the trails of success.

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