Harvard Business School veteran to conduct advanced Practical Ethics workshop
[email protected] | Nov 28,2011

Mary GentileMary C. Gentile, a veteran of Harvard Business School and pioneer in both ethics and diversity management curriculum is in India, to conduct an advance workshop on Practical Ethics, organised by National Entrepreneurship Network – An Initiative by Wadhwani Foundation. Ms.

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The Goa Project belongs to you
nenadmin | Mar 01,2013

The Goa Project is the coming together of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, designers, social workers and film-makers. Of 350 of the most interesting people on the planet at the same place. Thinkers, doers, performers, visionaries.

A little bit of SXSW, a little bit of TED, a small sprinkling of Burning Man, and still a lot more.

It is where the sum is greater than the parts. Where 2+2=5. Where diverse ideas, unique perspectives, different schools of thought come together to create something that is much larger than the original constituents.

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Switch off your lights for Earth Hour on Saturday, 31 March
dreena.sidharthan | Mar 30,2012

Millions of people across the globe will switch off their lights for one hour this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. as part of “Earth Hour”. Will you?

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Happy Women’s Day!
ashwinibhat | Mar 08,2012

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Attitutdes in Professional life
Naveen | Dec 07,2010

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So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
Business Ideas
VikasVerma | Oct 05,2010

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Adventerous start
Fun Blog
Naveen | May 12,2010

We started our business with lots of excitement and with was great to be called as an entrepreneur, but the inner fact is that there are lots of fears and moments which we dont like to face personally.

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For development of humans:- Give description in your site, blog or in account of Orkut, Facebook, Myspace etc. for development
atoallatoall dot com | Apr 08,2010

 For development of humans:- Give description in your site, blog or in account of Orkut, Facebook, Myspace etc. for development of humans. English is a basic problem in internet world.

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Plans to enhance the Food Security of India through the fertile areas of North Bihar by Private enterprise
Business Ideas
ArunJha | Apr 08,2010

1.                  The locals of the (fertile) areas of North Bihar would be encouraged (inspired) to take to agriculture related entrepreneurship and raise their own Food Processing Units (FPUs).

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Trendy Dresses in This Season
Business planning
alexben | Apr 08,2010

Do you have the experience of buying dresses through the Internet? If the answer is NOT, then you are out of date.

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