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Attitutdes in Professional life

Attitutdes in Professional life
Naveen | Dec 07,2010

In professional life,


• I have the most boring job on Earth.

• My boss is too demanding.

• This company needs to pay me more and treat me better.

• I should get more vacation time.

• I always have to do the “grunt work.”

• No one here appreciates me.

• I may have to work with these people around me, but I don’t have to be nice to them.




• I am so thankful to have a job.

• I am going to do my very best every day.

• I believe that God gives me favor every day with my boss.

• I am glad to be part of a team with my coworkers even though none of us are perfect.

• The work environment may not be ideal, but I will do my part to make it pleasant for myself and those around me.

• I am committed to be focused and diligent while I’m on company time.

• I would like a raise, so I will work hard to earn it :) "

{Source by Joyce Meyer.}

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