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Switch off your lights for Earth Hour on Saturday, 31 March

Switch off your lights for Earth Hour on Saturday, 31 March
dreena.sidharthan | Mar 30,2012

Millions of people across the globe will switch off their lights for one hour this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. as part of “Earth Hour”. Will you?

Earth Hour had its inception in 2007, and was conceived by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Sydney Morning Herald. To participate in the initiative, Sydney’s residents were encouraged to switch off non-essential lights for an hour. 2.2 million residents participated; the success and popularity of the initiative caught the attention of the world. The following year many cities across the world joined the initiative and participated in Earth Hour. Since then the initiative, held on the last Saturday of March, has gone on to become a much-anticipated global event.

But we wondered if Earth Hour is only about turning off the lights for an hour? The answer may not be written on the board but this year we are trying to do a bit more. Hopefully, we can entice you to join us.

We have listed 10 ways you can celebrate Earth Hour. Of course, it’s not a ten-step process to save the world but an effort to understand the scope of our challenge.

Earth Hour celebration

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour

Turn off your lights: This is an easy one because that is what Earth Hour is all about. Well it is not just about turning off lights in your home; it is also about energy conservation. Unplugging your electronics is a good way to conserve energy in your home.

Gather up your recycling: During Earth Hour, help conserve energy by gathering up everything that can be recycled so you can take it to the recycle depot the next day. Recycling saves thousands of tons of carbon dioxide every day, so it is important that we all recycle whatever we can, to help the planet and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Green lightening solutions: Switching off all the non essential lights is just not enough to save us from energy crisis; we need to do more. As one of the cleanest energy, solar energy provides us with a great choice. Solar products are not only very cost-effective in the long run, if used on a large-scale they will be instrumental in saving earth’s future. So switch on to solar products for a better environment.

Spread the word: You might notice while your lights are off, several of your neighbours will still have their lights on. A good way to observe Earth Hour is to talk to your neighbours, friends and all dear and near ones, and ask them to turn off their lights for this great cause. You can make it a block-wide initiative that serves as an example to the rest of your community.

Plant a tree: Possibly one of the easiest and best things you can do for your environment is planting a tree. This not only brightens up an area and provides a habitat, but also removes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with oxygen.

Candle-lit fun-time: While the lights are off, there are lots of fun things to do with the family or a group of friends. You can have a candle-lit games night or candle-lit dinner with family & friends. Talk about Earth Hour and come up with different ways, the family can save energy.

Hunt and save: Set up a hunt in and around your house to mark off areas where energy can be saved. Place flags or stickers in spots where appliances or computers can be unplugged and lights turned off, highlighting the spots where they can make a difference.

Join the celebration: There are tons of community events that are organized across the country to celebrate Earth Hour. Attending such an event and seeing the community come together in support for Earth Hour is a way to prompt your fellow acquaintances to start seeking out opportunities and get involved in their own.

Making it a tradition: This is one of the best ways to celebrate Earth hour on a regular basis. Turning off unnecessary lights and appliances will save you money in the long run, along with helping lessen our dependence on dwindling resources. Thinking more about sustainable living will help you to find cost-cutting measures for your everyday life, as well as realizing that it's not about giving up a comfortable lifestyle but about finding ways to live well using and consuming a great deal less.

Earth Hour on social networking: Make sure you share your photos, videos and updates on Twitter by using the #EarthHour hash tag in your tweets - that way your tweets can be re-tweeted to the rest of the world. Post the updates on Facebook to create awareness in the minds and hearts of your friends and acquaintances.

Earth Hour may well become a revolution one day but it needs all our conscious and devoted efforts. Reduction in consumption and encouraging reuse as well as recycling of products can help check damage to environment to a great extent. Taking one step or many in celebration of Earth Hour will one day leave behind a trail of well-meaning effort by a thoughtful generation rather than just plain dirty Carbon Dioxide. Being a part of a cause is surely worth it.

A revolution awaits!!!

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