Learning lessons from a failed venture

Logistic issues shut fruit juice start-up within months, but the experience didn’t kill entrepreneurial spirit, reports Shally Seth Mohile in Mint.

Bharat and Indira Rajepandhare, a practising doctor and lawyer from Kolhapur, hope their son Koustubh learns from his shelved entrepreneurial venture that sold packaged fruit and vegetable juices.

Now working with Deals and You, an e-commerce site, as a zonal head, Koustubh’s eyes light up as he narrates his tryst with entrepreneurship.

On his way back from his regular gym workout, Koustubh sensed a business opportunity when he saw young as well as old people drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices from street-side vendors.

Why not sell them as branded, packaged juices or, even better, get them home delivered? Test marketing revealed Kolhapur was ready for such a venture.

Within days of introducing the products, which included fresh juice extracted from wheat grass, bitter gourd, bottle gourd and beet root, he was swamped with enquires.

Sales tripled to touch 300 packets a day  within six months from the initial 100.

Koustubh felt the market potential was much higher at 4,000 packets a day and customers were willing to pay a premium of Rs.3 over the street price.

But as the days went by, he realized that in business you are only as strong as your weakest link. In his case, logistics and teamwork were not his strengths.

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