Why Team Ayan, TIMSCDR, turned traffic cops during E Week 2012!

At the dawn of 17th February 2012, we, the members of team Ayan from Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR), Mumbai, were at our apprehensive best. However, we rapidly switched to celebration mode when we learnt that we were Runners-Up Champions E WEEK India 2012, and all our apprehensions vanished into thin air.

Team Ayan, TIMSCDR Mumbai, lifitng their Runners-Up Cup at E Week India 2012

It was a joyous moment for all. The news had just begun to sink in when we realized we needed to be present on 18th February 2012 at Bangalore for the Awards Ceremony. All the logistics was taken care of in a jiffy and off we were, on our way to Bangalore.

We were prepared to sit back and enjoy the travel, confident that there were no more hurdles between Team Ayan and our much awaited Runners-Up trophy, but we were soon proved wrong. It was not long before we encountered a high traffic scene, on the highway from Mumbai to Bangalore. It was soon apparent that our journey time would be prolonged, and making it to the ceremony on time would have been improbable. Estimating the risk, the E-leaders took up the daunting task of regulating traffic in the darkness of the night. After much effort, we were able to ensure the smooth running of the traffic.

Had it not been for the quick wit and effort of the team, it would have been highly impossible to reach the venue on time. The trip was not only joyous, but exciting and adventurous at the same time. 

The Grand Finale of E Week 2012 was a splendid event. The high level of energy at the venue was truly contagious. It was indeed great to see so many like-minded people coming together to promote entrepreneurship.

As it was our very first year at E WEEK India, we played the part of anxious first-timers, not knowing what to expect, waiting for the event to unfold. Every element of the event was well synchronized and inspirational. Wave of jubilation ran across the auditorium each time a fellow team was appreciated and honoured. Knowing that they too were E-leaders like us who had walked the extra mile and done a spectacular job was exhilarating. The creative input which was put in by many other participating teams was inspiring.

Then came the moment for which we had worked hard, put in sleepless nights, and even become traffic cops! TIMSCDR was awarded the Runners-Up Champions Trophy for E WEEK India 2012. It was a moment of pride and honour for every team member to hold the much-awaited trophy in our hands.

All in all, our effort, hard work, anticipation and the nerve-racking journey was completely worth it, and we can't wait to start working towards E Week India 2013!