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Thursday Sep 23 2010
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Videos from the web features inspiring talks, debates and documentaries on a rich variety of topics. Watch scientists, economists, entrepreneurs and academicians explore thought-provoking ideas, debate crucial issues, and question conventional wisdom. If you've any videos you'd like to recommend, let us know!
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> Marketing (8) > Next Generation Innovation (16) > Intellectual Property Rights (4)
> Startups (5) > NEN (1)
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Startups (5)
Dashing Perfection
Should techpreneurs refine and perfect their products before shipping them? No,...
Duration: 00:01:40
Starting Up: (Seg 1)
ET NOW's Starting Up show reports from, an event that showcases high-po...
Duration: 00:09:51
Starting Up: (Seg 2)
Is the Indian venture capital industry suffering from a Silicon Valley hangover?...
Duration: 00:09:00
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Next Generation Innovation (16)
A brighter future
Taking advantage of the advances in light emitting diode (LED) technology, D.Lig...
Duration: 00:01:30
A warm embrace that saves lives
In the developing world, access to incubators is limited by cost and distance, a...
Duration: 00:07:19
Bringing Light to Rural India
Some 400 million people in India do not have access to electricity. But new and ...
Duration: 00:03:05
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Experts on Entrepreneurship (11)
Tips for the Entrepreneur
Google co-founder Larry Page provides several tips for the entrepreneur. Mr Page...
Duration: 00:04:27
Mark Zuckerberg On Hiring
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals the skills and the balance of experienc...
Duration: 00:01:56
Listening Skills in an Entrepreneur
Amongst his different entrepreneurial talents, Jim Breyer, Managing Partner of A...
Duration: 00:02:08
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Intellectual Property Rights (4)
Digital Rights Management
Cory Doctorow is an activist, a writer, a blogger, a public speaker, and a techn...
Duration: 00:43:08
Good Copy, Bad Copy
A great documentary discussing the current state of copyright, piracy and free c...
Duration: 00:58:46
IP in the Digital Economy
The content industry has convinced us that extremism in copyright regulation is ...
Duration: 01:23:26
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21st Century Strategic Concerns (8)
Ideas for India's Future
Nandan Nilekani, former CEO of Infosys, explains four brands of ideas that will ...
Duration: 00:15:13
Anupam Mishra on Water Harvesting
With wisdom and wit, Anupam Mishra talks about the amazing feats of engineering ...
Duration: 00:18:40
India's water crisis
Despite being the home to India?s Green Revolution, the water table in Punjab is...
Duration: 00:03:48
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Displaying topics 1 to 5 of 7
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