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Thursday Sep 02 2010
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1. What is the National Entrepreneurship Network?
2. How were the NEN Co-founders selected?
3. Who are the NEN Advisors?
4. How does NEN work?
5. What is NEN doing that is special and revolutionary for the entrepreneurship education scene in India?
6. How does the NEN membership work?
7. How will it benefit students in the long run?
8. Does NEN fund companies?
9. Does NEN fund institutes to initiate and implement their entrepreneurship programs on their campuses?
10. How does NEN cover its operating costs?
Q. What is the National Entrepreneurship Network?
A. Co-founded in 2002 by IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad, BITS Pilani, SP Jain Management Institute in Mumbai, and IBAB Bangalore, the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) is a not-for-profit, membership- based initiative of the Wadhwani Foundation (funded and chaired by Romesh Wadhwani, a successful IT entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley). NEN's goal is to inspire, educate and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. NEN's initial focus is on students - India's future entrepreneurs. It works with academic institutes to help them launch and build world-class, comprehensive entrepreneurship programs on their campuses. Additionally, NEN connects the institutes with each other to facilitate sharing of resources and activities. NEN currently works with over 200 institutions.
Q. How were the NEN Co-founders selected?
A. The co-founding academic institutes were selected through a by-invitation-only competition held in 2003. They were judged by an eminent group of Advisors, all of whom are active in NEN activities and provide input on strategy when appropriate.
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Q. Who are the NEN Advisors?
A. NEN Advisory Board of entrepreneurs :
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Founder & CMD, Biocon
Naina Lal Kidwai, Vice- Chairman & Deputy CEO, HSBC
Harsh Mariwala, Chairperson & MD, Marico Industries
Romesh Wadhwani, Chairman & CEO, Symphony Technology Group
Howard Stevenson, Senior Provost, Harvard University
Randy Komisar, entrepreneur and Adjunct Faculty, Stanford University.
Prof. S. Sadagopan, Founder Director, IIIT-B, Bangalore
Arun Seth, Chairman, British Telecom, India

NEN Faculty Advisory Board :
Prof. Arya Kumar, Professor- Management, BITS Pilani
Dr. Gayatri Saberwal, Chief Coordinator, IBAB- Bangalore
Prof. Kalyani Gandhi, Professor and Chairperson, NS Raghavan Center for Entrepreneurial Learning, IIM Bangalore
Prof. M. S. Rao, Chairperson, Center for Entrepreneurship, SP Jain- Mumbai
Prof. R. K. Lagu, Independent software consultant, former Adjunct Professor and Project Director, IIT Bombay
Prof. Rakesh Basant, Professor- Economics, IIM Ahmedabad
Dr. Edward Rubesch, Lecturer, Thammasat Business School, Thailand
Dr. Tina Seelig, Executive Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University
Dr. John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management Practice in Entrepreneurship Chair,
Entrepreneurship Faculty, London Business School

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Q. How does NEN work?
A. Academic institutes across various disciplines become members of NEN. NEN then works with faculty and students to initiate and expand their entrepreneurial activities, helping them build their own world-class and high impact entrepreneurship programs on their campuses.

NEN uses a wide range of resources to support the students and faculty at member institutes in ramping up their programs. NEN's outreach efforts provide on-campus help in the form of NEN team members who help plan and execute programs; courseware, "how-to" guidelines, audio visuals and video materials developed and reviewed by leading entrepreneurship educators from around the world; a speakers bureau; a comprehensive faculty development program; networking events and activities; and facilitated online access to mentors and entrepreneurs. Additionally NEN facilitates the sharing of activities, events and resources across the network.

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Q. What is NEN doing that is special and revolutionary for the entrepreneurship education scene in India?
A. NEN is introducing a new paradigm in entrepreneurship education in India, and doing this through a means that is a first of its kind. NEN is providing a full and intensive set of supports to help institutes launch and build comprehensive programs, ramp programs more quickly, and achieve impact sooner. NEN is working with faculty and students to design new and innovative ways to learn and practice the skills of entrepreneurship through resources, counseling, facilitation and networking.

NEN's work over the past three years has already resulted in increased numbers of students graduating with a solid understanding of entrepreneurship and the skills required; a powerful and growing network; and the clear intent to start a company some time in the early years after graduation.

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Q. How does the NEN membership work?
A. Both academic institutes and individuals unaffiliated with academic institutes can become members of NEN. When an academic institute becomes a member of NEN, all the students and faculty of that institute automatically qualify for membership privileges of NEN. If one is not part of an academic institute that is a member of NEN, one can sign up as an individual.

In 2007, there are no fees for the membership, but member institutes must commit faculty time and resources to ramping up entrepreneurship programs.

Membership privileges include access to the faculty development and student workshops, courseware and materials, discounts or free attendance at NEN institute functions and activities, and access to the NEN speakers, and mentors.

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Q. How will it benefit students in the long run?
A. NEN's campus based programs are structured to motivate students to view entrepreneurship as a desirable career option in the early years after graduation, and provide them with the knowledge, skills and the network to succeed. Entrepreneurship skills include opportunity identification, creating value, and leveraging resources - all skills that help one succeed in multiple situations, not just in venture creation. Therefore, students will be able to use these skills to advance themselves, whether they start their own companies or work for someone else.
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Q. Does NEN fund companies?
A. No, NEN does not invest directly in companies. NEN is a not for -profit organization and as such is precluded from business activities such as investing. However, the NEN network comprises angel investors and venture capitalists, so aspiring entrepreneurs can be connected to potential funding sources via the Network through some of the activities held at NEN member institutes.
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Q. Does NEN fund institutes to initiate and implement their entrepreneurship programs on their campuses?
A. NEN is not a funding organization but can act as a referral network for funding, as deemed appropriate.
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Q. How does NEN cover its operating costs?
A. Currently, operating costs are covered through the Wadhwani Foundation. In future, nominal membership fees will help keep NEN, a not-for-profit organization, sustainable.
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