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Saturday Aug 07 2010
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Straight talk > Does creativity die...
Does creativity die under a
R Balakrishnan (Balki) R. Balakrishnan (Balki)
National Creative Director
Lowe India
Sometimes desperation gives you the best ideas like when tomorrow is the meeting and you don't know what to do. Deadlines are a superb way to think of ideas. If you have an infinite timeline you can never get anything done. Give
yourself 24 hours, the stuff will flow much faster.
Tina Seelig
Executive Director
Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Tina Seelig
“ Deadlines can help to maximize one's creativity. ”

In the long run, it's great to have open periods when you are drifting off to sleep or taking a hike for being creative. The alternative time is when there is an emergency and you rally all your creative juices. Kind of like a mom who can pick up a car when her kids are trapped. That would be an emergency
when your creative energy bursts out.
Are there moments when there is no creativity coming? How do you get rid of the creative block?
Preeti Vyas Giannetti Preeti Vyas Giannetti
Chairperson and Chief Creative Officer
Vyas Giannetti Creatives
Yes, there can be creative blocks from time to time. Comfort zones are the most dangerous because these kill creativity. That is when you have to shake and rattle a bit to think differently. The trick for organizations to remain entrepreneurial is not to stay put in the doldrums of a comfort zone.
mono dimensional point of view.
R Balakrishnan (Balki)
National Creative Director
Lowe India
R Balakrishnan (Balki)
“ Creativity is a journey, and you work best when you have fun along the way. ”

Sometimes you need to know when not to be creative and not think too much; when you would rather be linear than lateral to get what you want.. Idea generation can't be looked upon as a do or die situation. If you have that attitude, you will reach nowhere. I think most of us make the mistake of becoming very desperate for the end. That's when everything stops. You grow creatively when you don't give a damn. You start giving a damn, and
nothing comes easily.
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