E Week 2011 Rocks and Rolls

E Week 2011 Rocks and Rolls


E Week made the world go round in over 500 campuses across 30 cities, where over 6,00,000 people came together to organize 5,000 events on entrepreneurship. The headiness came with lots of craziness too. Here’s our pick of the top 5 activities that made E Week rock and roll:

Neha Vithaldas of Mumbai’s K J Somaiya Institute of Technology and IT got desperate enough to market her startup product ‘Nail Art’ in the women’s washroom in her college. “That’s one place I know my target audience visit at least once a day,” says Neha. “The first rule I learnt is that a unique idea is very important; but if the idea is not unique, then at least have a unique knack to sell it,” she says.



The E Cell at Geetanjali College of Engineering, Hyderabad, hired potters to run their campus company Dhatri, which sells earthenware. The students then polished and painted the pots. Dhatri ran out of its stock of 45 pots on day 1. The demand is so high that the company plans to increase the potter strength from 2 to 6 to match it.





Eight students from Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur, have launched ‘Divas’, an apparel startup that operates from the BCET girls hostel. The students engage in every step, from procuring materials to designing to manufacturing. They are also undergoing training in computer-aided designing and manufacturing software. Their fast-selling garments bring in a profit of Rs 100 per sale.





For four days during E Week, E Leaders from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, boarded over 20 trains running between Mysore and Bangalore, and went bogie to bogie to spread the word about entrepreneurship. Targeting people at both stations as well, they managed to reach over 3,00,000 people.





The scorching Chennai sun didn’t deter Velammal College of Engineering students from finishing their work of art – sand sculptures (in colour, that too!) on entrepreneurship, on Marina Beach. As if managing police permissions was not enough, the students had more challenges coming their way – the tide played with them, stray dogs wanted to pee on the mounds and crabs kept emerging from the sculpture! But all that hard work was worth it, if the crowds were anything to go by.