NEN Mentor Platform: Gearing You for Success


Do you have a great business idea waiting to take off? A startup looking to pitch for investments? Or are you planning for the next level of growth? Whatever it is, NEN Mentor Platform is here to provide you the mentoring support your venture needs.

Launched less than a year ago, NEN Mentor Platform has already supported over 400 new and aspiring entrepreneurs, matching them with leading entrepreneurs, industry experts and academics, through a suite of customized online and offline programs.

Customized Support to Meet Your Needs

NEN Mentor Platform support comes in three structured formats -- each carefully designed to address the challenges and roadblocks entrepreneurs in different stages face. Support includes:

Structured Mentoring sessions, a half-day event, where mentees spend a private hour with carefully-matched mentors, discussing challenges described in advance;

Tools for Growth workshops, led by international faculty and experts, where growth-stage entrepreneurs develop advanced skills and tools to address their growth challenges;

90-day Face-Time Mentoring Support, in which, entrepreneurs receive systematic support from mentors for a period of 90 days

While the workshops and Face-Time Mentoring Support are organized once a year, the Structured Mentoring sessions take place throughout the year across the country. So far, over 21 Mentoring Sessions have already been organized in over 9 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Pune and Jaipur.

Largest, Most Diverse Pool of Mentors to Help You Succeed

NEN Mentor Platform draws its strength from its vast pool of mentors, comprising over 1200-plus experts, leading entrepreneurs, and NEN-trained faculty members, from a diverse range of sectors. This diversity allows the Platform to bring the most relevant and compatible mentoring support to entrepreneurs. Saurabh Kandpal of Redforce Labs, a Bangalore-based IT startup, agrees. “I think this is one of NEN’s important differentiators. The folks at Mentor Platform take the extra effort to ensure there is strong compatibility between the mentor and mentee, and this helps us to be on strong footing from the start – considering the limited time we have.” Saurabh received the Platform’s support in a Structured Mentoring session last year.

Partnering NEN Mentor Platform

In addition to the sessions and programs offered in-house, NEN Mentor Platform also partners other organizations to extend its mentoring support. Early this year, the Platform partnered with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Alumni Association for its Global Alumni Meet. As part of the program, over 14 BITS alumni were matched with NEN mentors for structured one-on-one sessions. The partnership was a great success, says Chander Shekar Goel, CEO of the BITSAA Global Meet. “Our immediate need was adequate support with the right guidance, and professionalism. And that came with the NEN Mentor Platform, which provided more than able mentors and a sound structure. We saw this reflected in the overwhelming positive feedback from our participants,” he explains.

How to Access Mentor Platform Support

Accessing support from NEN Mentor Platform is simple. If you are an entrepreneur looking for mentoring support for your idea or startup, all you have to do is download the Mentor Request form, fill it and send it to us at .

And if you are looking to partner NEN Mentor Platform to organize a mentoring session, send an e-mail to Sunitha Prasad at the NEN Trust at .

In addition, you can sign up on NEN Online, join our Facebook community, and follow us on Twitter to receive regular updates about all upcoming Mentor Platform programs, workshops and sessions. Joining our Facebook community is also a great way of connecting with other members from our growing, vibrant entrepreneurial community!

NEN Mentor Platform Feature: Hear it from an entrepreneur

In this video, entrepreneur Madhuri Ruia, who runs a fitness centre in Mumbai, explains how professional mentoring support from NEN's Chief Mentor Raj Bhat helped her acquire the critical skills to turn her fledgling startup into a thriving business in just a matter of 3 months.