NEN-CBFW Mentor Development Program

About the program

With the intent to drive the number of women entrepreneurs in India, National Entrepreneurship Network is working along with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW) to implement the NEN-CBFW Mentor Development Program.

The program aims to create more support for women entrepreneurs by training a pool of 60 highly qualified mentors across India. The mentors in turn will train more than 1200 women entrepreneurs over a three-year period and ensure on-going support.

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About Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW)

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women has the pre-eminence of working towards economical empowerment of women in the countries of Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. It focuses on investing in women entrepreneurs by working with local partners and engages the community with country specific projects and global programs. 

CBFW believes that fostering of women entrepreneurs makes for sound economics since women invest back into their families and communities. To this effect the foundation extends its support by focusing on four key areas of business skills, technology, network opportunities and access to finance.

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Impact stories

Global kurtis

Even a campus company can go global by serving up the right product and with an astute marketing plan. Prof. Joyeeta Mukherjee of the Bengal College of Technology for Women, Durgapur, who attended the NEN-CBFW Mentor Development Program, did just that. Under her mentorship, DIVAS a campus company run by eight student entrepreneurs from Bengal College of Technology for Women, has found a willing market in Japan for its designer women’s tunics or kurtis. While scope for expansion in Japan is being worked out, Prof. Joyeeta continues to mentor the young entrepreneurs for expansion in local markets. Already the company owns the market in its campus and is making inroads in Durgapur and beyond. This required a fair bit of market research including market survey and customer feedback, and targeted marketing strategies. Avoiding expensive advertising, the team has chosen to rely on personal networks, local vendors and online merchandisers to gain traction for their products. The venture will bring on new student entrepreneurs to replace the graduating ones in a bid to create more potential women entrepreneurs. 

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