Resources for NEN E Leaders

Developing leadership skills, and connecting to other NEN E Leaders

As an NEN E Leader you have access to special programs from the NEN Trust to support you in your leadership role:

NEN Consulting
On-ground help

If you need any help in designing, developing and executing entrepreneurship programs on your campus, the NEN Consulting team members are there for you. They will provide you on-ground support, facilitate networking events and connect you to other resources within the community. To contact your local NEN Consultant, click here.

NEN Faculty
Help at hand – on your campus

If you need any help with your E Cell programs, reach out to your NEN Faculty Leader on your campus. Trained in high-impact entrepreneurship programs to support NEN Student Members and Leaders, your NEN Faculty Leader can help you create innovative events and programs. They can also conduct a range of short term entrepreneurship courses – from basic to advanced.

NEN E Leader Development Program
Learn, Network, Collaborate

NEN E Leader Development Programs offer an excellent platform for you to increase your leadership capabilities, expand your network and collaborate with other E Cells. These workshops also provide practical exposure to entrepreneurship. Information on workshops will be emailed regularly to NEN Faculty Leaders and E Cell Leaders.

Ideas and Materials for Games, Exercises and Activities
Knowledge tailored for you

The NEN Teaching Materials provide access to high-quality peer-reviewed teaching materials relevant for the South-Asian context. It includes cases, exercises, videos, courses, how-tos and guides, and are available on CDs at    

NEN Resources Bureau
Need a speaker? Judge for BP competition?

If you are planning to organize an entrepreneurship event in your campus or city, and need speakers, judges or mentors, get in touch with our Resources Bureau team. They will help you make the right match for your program, from a pool of over 1100 industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs. Write to Shakambhari Thakur at

Event Marketing Solutions
On offer: A marketing splash

Market your events to over 2,20,000 members of the NEN community in multiple ways: banners and event listing on NEN Online, NEN360 Community Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. From September 30 onwards, you can also shout it loud on the NEN360 Community portal.